Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory Franchise Comes to Market!

The pizza industry has long been a solid investment. As a matter of fact, one in eight Americans eats pizza on any given day. Not surprising. Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory Food Truck is here to bring America’s greatest love in every corner of the States. Piping hot pies have gone mobile through this innovative concept and, the best part is, Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory Food Truck is now introducing an exciting franchise opportunity to interested and qualified candidates!

The Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory Food Truck story all began in 1927 when the Benevuti family first immigrated to the U.S. from Italy. Seeking to bring authentic Italian tastes to their neighbours, brother Peter and Henry Benvenuti would bake 100 fresh loaves of bread each morning in their brick oven and then sell the bread door to door. Eventually, this business would become a bakery plant in 1963. With this foundational baking know-how as the basis of the company, owner Raul Araguren has created a new way to bring authentic flavors to everyone through the Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory. 

The food truck is a mobile business that can literally bring delicious pizza to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Beginning with fresh ingredients and perfected family recipes, Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory food truck bakes yummy pizzas inside their fully equipped mobile kitchen. Fans rave about the menu selection, including comments that each and every menu item is perfect! Since the concept is mobile, brand recognition spreads quickly, boosting the brand and widening the fan base. Charity events, fundraisers, private parties, festivals, outdoor concerts, and other events have all welcomed the Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory food truck in and have not been disappointed.

The franchise launch brings an exciting opportunity to the franchise marketplace. Pizza, well-loved by everyone and applicable in almost all situations, is an investment that offers certainty to its investors. Particularly, the mobile aspect of the Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory concept offers sprawling market applicability and can be used anywhere where outdoor events are held. With low investment requirements, solid industry knowledge, and simplicity of operations, the Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory is a fantastic choice for anyone hoping to get into the pizza business.

The pizza industry is booming and will always be a top ten choice for the American public. A solid product base with the exciting mobile element makes this business a flexible and fun choice for a business-minded candidate. For more information on this exciting franchise opportunity and the company, contact us for more information!