Churn Ice Cream Franchise Launch

The passion for homemade ice cream and handcrafted coffee is something special that creates a differentiated ice cream brand and long lasting customer relationships. Churn offers prospective franchise partners an opportunity to take a scoop of the billion-dollar ice cream market, as long as you have the drive, passion, and deep business background. Having been founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Kelley Costa, Churn Ice Cream has established our brand and equipped our team with the skills needed to provide exceptional customer service and delicious treats. At Churn, we provide the best ice cream, coffee, and other goodies in an attractive, relaxing atmosphere and space.

The ice cream market was estimated to reach over $15 billion in 2017, and the trend is expected to continue making it an excellent time to venture into this vastly-growing industry. Years of providing customers with nothing but top-quality ice cream and coffee have allowed us to develop the procedures, products, and system that guarantees our franchise partners a piece of the market share. As a nationally recognized brand, we have amassed a large following of loyal fans, allowing our franchisees to break into the market with the desired traction.

Our mission has always been to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind experience every time they walk through our doors, and we can help you guarantee your target audience the same level of customer service. The team at Churn goes the extra mile to ensure that every customer has a smile, which is one of the reasons that set us apart from the competition. If you are looking for a lucrative investment opportunity, then this is the right time to step into the ice cream market with a team of professionals by your side.

Strong Ice Cream Franchise Financial Model

As a business built on family values, we have founded our company upon credibility, integrity, discipline, and hard work, allowing us to expand our operations in three successful locations. The minute you step into a Churn, you are treated to a delicious customer experience. This is why we have customers growing annually, translating to increased sales and profit generation. You can also become part of the success by choosing to franchise with Churn. We believe that running your Churn should be easy and stress-free, and that’s why we are providing prospective franchisees with a tried and tested business model with multiple income generation streams.

As you venture into any business, it is essential to ensure that you have the right partner to help you achieve your dream of running a successful business. This is not a concern our franchisees should have since Kelley Costa comes with over a decade of finance and accounting experience and has structured our business model into what it is today: a model for maximum income potential. If you decide to go into business with us, our team will provide regular updates on the techniques to cross-utilize ingredients or locally source them without compromising quality.

If you consider going into business with Churn, be prepared to enjoy multiple revenue streams from in-store merchandise, catering, wholesale accounts, gift cards, and fundraisers. Franchisees can expect continued support across the critical aspects of the business to ensure that the bottom line is achieved, turning a profit on your investment. Whether you have experience in the ice cream industry, we’ve covered you.

Why the Churn Ice Cream Franchise Could Be Right for You

Before joining a particular business, it is vital to ensure that you have the right partner. One of the main reasons why Churn is the best business partner is that we provide our business model aligns with your goals and vision. Since 2015, we have proven that we are the best by expanding to three locations within a short period. This is a testament to our well-structured business model for anyone looking to step into the ice cream industry.

Like any industry that has survived the coronavirus pandemic, we have learned to adjust our business according to the changes in the industry’s laws and regulations. As an established business that deals with delicious edibles and other services, we’ve customized our model to ensure they maneuver the industry seamlessly without any law infringements and subsequent penalties and fines. When you become part of the team, you can rely on us for superior support in the development, team training, and research, among other crucial aspects of the business.

Owning your Churn Ice Cream Franchise can be a wonderful business venture both from a quality of life and financially. Churn can help you get the most out of your investment by providing franchisees with a tried and tested business model and ongoing support from our President and Founder, Ms. Costa. We also offer support for build-out guidance, vendor connection, and marketing tools that will set your business up for sweet success.

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