Franchises Available for Sale

Strategic Franchise Brokers works with some amazing franchise brands.  Some large and some small franchise systems – we believe that the key is to find the best franchise model for you, not necessarily the largest brand, but the franchise that offers the best return on investment for you.  We pride ourselves on a deep understanding for the franchise industry and the small business world.  Our work with clients is similar to what a business coach would do for you in that our relationship goes beyond just looking at numbers and deciding which franchise makes the most money.  Deciding on a franchise business requires a complete life decision.  It is a decision that affects every part of your life and will impact all aspects of your world.  By working with us as a franchise coach, we can provide a complete solution and help you make the best possible decision on which franchise to purchase.

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Where do we start?

It begins with a no-obligation consultation where we would like to get to know you and your goals for business and financial targets.  Once we get a feeling for your targets and what your interests are, we can begin our process of screening franchisors in order to find a potential fit.  Once we have selections together, we then begin to vet franchise concepts based on your criteria and specific interests.  After locating the right brands, then we, with you, interview the franchisors to understand which models make the most sense.  You can count on us taking you through the entire process, literally every step of the way as you evaluate and invest in a franchise model.

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