Offbeat and Unique Vaping Franchise Model

A new business venture is a huge decision. When deciding how to begin or what journey to embark on, franchising can truly make the entire process easier. With business concepts, plans, modifications, and financial structure all in place, a franchisee can dive right into what they love to do. Offbeat and Unique, a vaping lounge and supplies shop located in Gilbert, AZ, is offering an exciting opportunity for those looking for a franchise business venture. The shop offers a unique twist on vaping by offering a dedicated, knowledgeable staff to aid each client, from vaping novice to experienced vaper.

Offbeat and Unique combines a high-end vaping supplies boutique with a relaxing vape lounge for the community to come together. The business began in 2014 and has since then blossomed into the highly profitable company that it is today. Franchisees can expect to engage in a team that is more like family, helping one another to achieve a vision that goes beyond cash and numbers. Offbeat and Unique has set out to help smokers everywhere by offering a healthier option to traditional tobacco smoking. The shop offers only authentic top quality products, earning it a reputation amongst the vaping community as the #1 place to be. Beyond the unique customer experience, franchisees will be given a developed business concept that guarantees success in whatever location they find themselves in.

The shop exists with a classy lounge environment. Franchisees will have initial and ongoing support in vaping education, learning everything from hardware basics to the ins and outs of specialty products. This knowledge will be the basis of customer service and be passed down to staff. Offbeat and Unique provides franchisees with a proven business model, brand recognition, proven sales tools, and management plans, and so much more. The process is all made easier with clear and consistent communication within the team, giving a franchisee a head start into a booming business.

As the tobacco industry declines, vaping is benefiting. With vaping sales growing from $20 million to $2 billion in just 6 short years, the industry is red hot and needs more Offbeat and Uniques shops to fulfill the demand. To find out more information on how to join the team in a stable and growing industry, visit Offbeat and Unique’s franchise overview here: