Why You Should Consider the Signature Maids Franchise


Entrepreneurs who own a franchise with Signature Maids receive training at different stages. Initially, a two-week training is offered at the Signature Maids headquarters in Florida. The training begins about 4 to 6 weeks prior to the opening of the franchise. In addition, there is a one-week training provided at the location where you set up the business. There is also on-going refresher training that is done biannually or in two sessions per year. The refresher or update training and meetings can take up to two days for each session. This way, an entrepreneur will be adequately prepared to meet the challenges and ensure they remain on course in running their franchise.

Great Support

Without the support, your cleaning business franchise may encounter hurdles. When you own Signature Maids franchise, you have outstanding support to ensure you remain competitive in the market. Support is offered in different areas such as marketing, operating the business, purchases, accounting, and legal matters, as well as research and development. The ongoing support you get from the Signature Maids team ensures that you build and operate the business successfully with low overheads, enhanced growth, and increased demand for your services.

Affordable Franchise Cost

One thing that prevents inspiring entrepreneurs from buying a cleaning business franchise is the high cost of investment. Signature Maids offers a low franchise fee of $20,000 with an affordable start-up cost starting at $98,850, though it could be higher depending on other factors. The cost of training is as low as $5,000 while on average, the cost of establishing the business is $149,025.

Geographical Distribution Protection of Your Franchise

When you become part of the Signature Maids team by owning a franchise, you can choose to start-up a new business or convert the existing one to run under the umbrella of Signature Maids brand. To keep your business protected, Signature Maids offers you exclusive territory of about 500,000 to 1000,000 in the 

metropolitan statistical area (MSA) or an area with a radius of 10 miles. This means that no other Signature Maids business can be set up within that geographical distribution. 

Your ability to succeed in a cleaning business franchise will largely be determined by the business model of the brand. When you get adequate training and ongoing support along with territorial protection, you can grow the business fast. The affordable franchise cost offered by Signature Maids ensures that you don’t break a bank when setting up the business.

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