Devin Conner – Franchising and Retail Conference

This month, Devin Conner, founder of West Coast Franchise Developers will be one of the speakers presenting to entrepreneurs and business professionals on franchising and small business growth in California and the Western United States.

One of the exciting elements of what we are seeing in the franchise community is the globalization of franchise brands across a wide range of industries which are both coming to and from the U.S. franchise community.

This particular franchise conference showcases many of the Philippine’s most prominent business and political leaders as well.  California is one of the U.S. most diverse and exceptionally vibrant international communities and the franchise market is a great example of this.

According to the BEA, foreign-controlled entities employ over half a million people in the state and the international flavor, culture and perspective can be felt in every aspect of business and franchising throughout the State.

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The Franchising and Retail Conference marks one of many excellent events held in the State of California, this past year, there was a San Mateo Franchise Conference put on by the Great American Franchise Expo Group, a San Diego franchise conference put on by National Events and a Los Angeles Convention put on by MFV.

All of these shows were excellent opportunities for small business leaders and franchise brands to showcase their models and to meet California based entrepreneurs.

California boasts one of the country’s fastest-growing economies and the biggest opportunities for business in all industry categories.

For more information on this conference and to see speakers such as Mr. Conner, visit the show scheduling links: