Harlem Zen Franchise System: Structure, Brand and Opportunity

In today’s modern society, both women and men are taking great pride in their skincare regimes and appearance. With the help of modern technology, clients are now being offered considerable benefits compared to traditional skin care procedures.

Harlem Zen is a premier beauty service studio focused on providing services primarily to the Multi-Ethnic populations which offers affordable, time-saving, and pain-free solutions for both women and men, ensuring all their clients receive superior quality services. The business fully assesses the requirements of each client and provides tailored treatments to cater to their specific needs.

Owning a Harlem Zen franchise is the ideal business opportunity as you’ll be in total control of managing your clients depending on the time that suits you and favors your current lifestyle.

A Winning Team and Franchise Network

Harlem Zen is teaming up with like-minded people who will replicate their high level of customer service, and follow their proven business model of the franchise system.

The business is an innovative brand that continues to adapt to the needs of its customers in the aesthetics industry. Their goal is for national expansion.

What are You Signing Up For?

With Harlem Zen, you can expect:

  • A Trusted Brand With Focus
    • Leverage Harlem Zen’s established a brand and access their effective marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Prosperity and Opportunity for ROI
    • Take control of your finances and business all while enjoying the never-ending support of Harlem Zen’s resources.
  • Turn-key Ready Franchise Model
    • The Harlem Zen franchise ensures the franchisees have everything they need to run a successful business, including fully stocked suppliers, equipment, set-up systems, and a well-furnished premise.
  • The Advantage of Financial History
    • There is power in numbers. You’ll be able to take advantage of Harlem Zen’s supplier contacts and purchasing power.  Go into a franchise system with knowledge and experience knowing how to develop a business model with financial opportunity.
  • Support and Systems
    • Harlem Zen will make sure they provide all their franchisees with the best training and ongoing support from their experienced team.

Franchising with Harlem Zen

The success of Harlem Zen is dictated by the success of their franchisees. The business has developed a professional and efficient structure, ensuring their franchisees have the knowledge and necessary skills to set-up and run an aesthetics business with their ongoing training and support.

Development and training are what makes them thrive. Franchisees will be initially trained at their headquarters before being trained on site.

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Harlem Zen works with franchisees to secure a suitable location, design the interior, recruit and train staff, and carry out marketing campaigns to guarantee they have clients right from the start.

The business is constantly working on ways to improve their skin studios with the latest advanced technology and by offering the highest level of service to their clients.

A Fast-Growing Market

The aesthetics market is a multi-billion-dollar industry, globally.

The most popular services offered by Harlem Zen are:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Therapies
  • Facials

Daily, more and more men and women are demanding for Harlem Zen’s services.

The brand positioning in the aesthetics market has allowed Harlem Zen to grow massively since its inception in 2015 and this growth is on an upward trend.

Customer Focused

Exceptional customer services combined with sales are vital for a successful business, more so, Harlem Zen. Learning, further developing, and delivering ethical treatment solutions and protocols for their valued customers will involve franchisees understanding customer relations, sales processes, and their related interactions.

The process of coming up with lasting solutions for clients will ensure franchisees have satisfied and repeat customers with more referrals coming in. This is extremely rewarding and a great return on investment.

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